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Matrixxneo User
21. Sep 2018, 21:01 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.1.3:
Added Casual difficulty mode
Finding the exact level of difficulty that fits the most people is very hard. And we could tweak Wartile up, down and sideways forever and still some would find it too easy or difficult.

To embrace everyone we have created a casual difficulty mode in addition to the normal mode, that players can toggle between at any time from the options menu. With casual mode, all your Vikings get a significant boost to their stats, let's call it the blessings of Odin :). The player still needs to apply a certain amount of tactical attention to the combat.

We hope that some of our players will embrace this option as an invitation to get back into the fight.

Other issues:
Lost Norse Battle board, after reloading from waypoints to many Lost Norse enemies would spawn from the boats.
Slightly increased the spawn rate of Lost Norse from boats at the Lost Norse board.
Reduced the damage from poison bombs on Lost Norse Tier One, while also increasing their time on the map.
At the Niflheim Board we made it possible to exit the cave to complete the quest, while your party is in combat. However, all figurines in the party still need to be next to the cave exit.
At the Niflheim Board, we the moved relic to avoid friendly units spawning behind enemy spawn tile.
When taking water from Mimir’s well, a point of interest effect now spawn at the cave exit.
After reloading waypoints on The Lost Norse Battle board, too many units would spawn
Reduced the damage of the Bombers poison on The Lost Norse Battle Board
Updated some figurine names in the Chinese translation.

Update v1.1.2:
Event Cards showing Ambush or The Alarm on The Rescue Battleboard now shows correctly
Crash problem happening on Alfablot on the two harder difficulties
Units could move through barriers which were intended to block movement
When using a controller; right stick rotation would stop working after entering the options menu.
After swapping items with the controller, an object would become non-selectable
Added graphics options when opening the options menu with the controller
Optimized fire effect causing performance problems

Update v1.1.1:
Fixed an issue causing Voice Over to not work in Chinese, this also caused multiple other issues, such as being unable to interact with objects.
Fixed an issue causing the deck builder to sometimes spawn an invalid card.
Trial of Tyr: Fixed an issue causing enemy figurines to not properly move.
Lost Norse (Balancing): Made boat spawn timer a few seconds longer
Lost Norse (Balancing): Significantly reduced Health and Defense on new "bomber" units.
Improved lighting on Tears of Eir and Lost Norse

@Minusklicker.Wenn du so weiter machst,wirst bald keinen account mehr haben hier xD .Also hau druf wie magst. Ein MOD weiß schon bescheid von,auch wenn mehrere Acounts hast hier.MOD's are watching you :D xD :D
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21. Sep 2018, 20:45 Uhr
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