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Matrixxneo User
9. Sep 2018, 14:02 Uhr

[Spoiler: Zum Lesen hier klicken!]
Update v1.08.00:
Mega Boss (Sector Commander) Features
You will now have to defeat 20 new Mega Boss units (one for each sector).
The Mega Boss units transfers health and shield from normal Kraken units in order to heal themselves.
These Mega Bosses also have the power to Disable the Towers that commanders deploy. Higher level bosses can disable towers faster and for longer.
Mega Bosses also have the power to spawn normal Kraken units every X seconds. They won't give up that easily after all :-)
Mega Bosses have the ability to cloak their fellow Krakens with a greater range than normal Kraken units to transfer health and shield from normal Kraken units in order to heal themselves.

Game ReBalancing:
The game has been game completely rebalanced to support Mega Bosses game mechanics.
To make the game enjoyable for someone new to someone who loves endless play we have balanced gameplay upto wave 2000 for all sectors.
In order to address repetitiveness the game has been completely rebalanced to allow all Kraken units in every sector to begin spawning from wave 35 onwards
The missile tower is back in all its previous glory. Missile Tower damage has been boosted by 24%
The damage done to extractor by Terminator Kraken unit has been reduced by 75%

Visual Effects:
Now when a Kraken is shielded a visual shield bubble shows when they are under attack and will stay on until the shield is fully drained.
Healing visual effects are shown when a Kraken unit is being healed by another Kraken unit or by a Sector Mega Boss .
Mega Boss tower attack visual effect added. This can be viewed in a slow moving dark energy missile which also has a charging time and visual effect.
Life steal visual effects added whenever a Mega Boss drains HP or Shields from another Kraken unit.

Turret targeting system improvements:
Cocoons are now the lowest targeting priority for all towers. This prevents towers from locking on to cocoons when they have more productive targets to shoot at.
Towers no longer target enemy Kraken units which are 100% immune to them. For example Plasma Beam tower will not shoot at the fire Golem and the Machine Gun tower will not shoot at the Stone Golem. This is to prevent the appearance of a tower attacking a unit when in fact its doing zero damage.

Performance Enhancements:
Game performance increased by 40% when using simple blueprints like XT1.
Game performance increased by 110% when using large blueprints like Elara.

Edit:@minusklicker.Meine reaktion drauf ist " xD xD xD".Denkst du ich höre wegen dem minusgeklicke auf? Ganz bestimmt nicht,wenn werde immer weitermachen :D :D :D
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